SyFy’s new series starting this September was filmed here in Spokane, Wa. The show incorporates many different locals in our area. Watch it to see how beautiful our part of the world really is. That could be why we have so many haunted places because even after death a lot of people don’t want to leave.

Get your Zombie-On!!!

Traditional Catholic Exorcism

We are taking this class so we can be better prepared to deal with negative entities. This will help us to be able to direct our clients in the right direction if they are dealing with angry entities. It is VERY RARE that you will ever come across an angry negative entity that needs exorcising but, we have the knowledge to help guide our customers if they do.

S.H.P.I.T. is now listed on the Paranormal Societies web site

Spokane Haunts is now signed up on website. This site has a lot of information about Paranormal Investigation Teams all over the world. Check them out and tell them we sent you…