Client Testimonials

“After nearly five years of living in a house, with strange voices and noises, apparitions, assaults and all of the other harmful activities associated with hauntings, my family is finally sleeping through the night, thanks to Spokane haunts. Over the last few years, others came, tried and failed to help us, but these talented and determined people arrived within a day of my message to investigate our house, and two days later they arrived with an impressive team who took great care and effort, at their own expense, to cleanse our home, and they asked for no compensation. We don’t have the words to truly express our gratitude. Thank you to everyone in Spokane Haunts from the bottom of our hearts!”
-R. Spokane, WA

“Shortly after we moved into our house that was built in 1909, we began experiencing frightening and negative paranormal experiences upstairs. Our dog even refused to set foot on the stairs to go to the second floor. After Spokane Haunts came out and conducted an investigation and cleansed our home, we have had no more activity and our dog immediately dashed up the stairs without hesitation! Thank you Spokane Haunts!”
-K. Hillyard Area, Spokane, WA

“We had some serious haunting activity at our house for almost a year. It included family members seeing apparitions of my husband in my house when he was not home, hearing my two year old son talk and run around when he was sleeping, hearing growling, voices and music, seeing floating lights and shadow figures in my home and yard in broad daylight and my son being physically attacked and having nightmares. After two pastors and a priest wouldn’t help me and nobody else seemed to believe me, you do not know how much of a relief it was to see the S.H.P.I.T team pull up in a handful of cars with a group of people pouring out to come into my house and help me. After a year of emotional duress and terror, I knew I FINALLY was going to get some help. Since my house cleansing, I have not had one paranormal experience. Thank you SO MUCH!”
-T. Perry District, South Hill, Spokane, WA

“Thank you so much for the helpful information on spiritual self grounding and protection. It is very in depth and valuable and will be put to good use. Some of it already has. Great info, Thanks!”
-K. Seattle Area, WA

“I just wanted to thank you all for coming out. The house doesn’t have that “gloom” anymore. My kitties have been happy, too. Thank you is not enough!”
-M. Lacrosse, WA

“Thank you so much for helping with the house!”
-A. Fairchild AFB area, Airway Heights WA