CASE 11-17-14-01, Airway Heights, Washington

The homeowners reported that they both have gifts of sensitivity to the presence of spirits, but that recently a very negative entity made its presence known, frightening one of the home owners. She reported that this was the first entity that had ever frightened her. This encounter occurred while she was laying in bed at night and felt the presence of this dark entity. She looked towards her side of the bed where she saw a very tall, dark shadow-figure that had the body of a man and the head of an animal. Other reports from the clients included cold drafts of air, hearing footsteps, knocks, bangs and crackling sounds like that of a crunching plastic soda bottle.


The investigation began at 6pm. DVR cameras were set up in the bedrooms, hallway, living room and kitchen. Investigators conducted EVP sessions, and our Psychic Medium did a walk-through of the home and property.


Nothing was obtained on DVR, audio recordings or still photographs. However, we did get very high EMF readings near the clients’ headboard and wall near where she witnessed the dark entity standing. The two psychics’ readings concurred with the statement from the homeowner. Our psychics sensed that there are a number of negative entities that travel up and down the block and through these older duplexes that once served as military housing. They believe one of these entities traveled through the bedroom (wall from family to family in this duplex) near the headboard and where there was a high EMF reading.

S.H.P.I.T conducted a house cleansing, sealed the portal where the entity had been traveling and crossed over an earth-bound human spirit that was lingering in the hallway.