CASE 04-21-15-01, La Crosse, Washington

The clients reported hearing loud banging and thuds coming from the second floor (for which they consequently boarded up the stairs that gave access to the second floor), hearing talking, seeing orbs, seeing dark shadow figures, witnessing their cats reacting to a presence they could not see, having the closet door open at night, awaking with scratches on their bodies. The clients said that they were renting the property and that one of the clients’ sister and husband had previously resided there. According to the client, their sister and husband had experiences seriously oppressive rage and anger while living in the home which had resulted in a couple of violent physical fights between the husband and wife. We were informed that there was a brick with the name, “Mildred G. Olson” which was found near their front door when they moved in and appeared to be some sort of memorial stone or grave marker possibly for the site of the buried human ashes. It appeared that it had been uprooted from it’s original placement, wherever that may have been.

The previous renter (the sister) had also been thrown down the stairs from the second floor where the clients are had currently been hearing loud banging. The clients also reported that the upstairs window had a flannel sheet nailed over it serving as a curtain. On several occasions they would look up at the window from outside to find that there was no flannel sheet covering the window, only to look back later and see it there over the window again…all while the upstairs had been boarded shut with nobody present on the second floor. On a couple of occasions they witnessed orbs flying about their kitchen and even into and out of their bodies. The clients also relayed that they had contacted a local priest form a nearby Catholic church and asked him to conduct a home blessing. The priest reportedly walked from the church right to their front yard only to tell the clients, “I am sorry, but I cannot do this,” and then turn and walk back to his church.


During the investigation, we placed three DVR cameras in the home as well as three voice recorders. We conducted an EVP session on the second floor once the client removed the boards granting access to the stairs. We also had a Psychic, a Sensitive and two Psychic Medium investigators present conducting a walk through of the home. During the investigation, two of our Psychics simultaneously got the impression that the negative entity was making an attempt to shove one of them down the stairs as she attempted to approach the stairwell. They both stopped in their tracks and readied for the attack which resulted in our investigator narrowly escaping that sure injury. We had all of our psychics make contact with the hostile male ghost on the second floor who identified himself as “Ralph”. He was a very angry and unhappy soul who was a previous owner of the house and likely the culprit who had shoved a previous tenant down the stairs and attempted to do the same to our Psychic investigator. He was a very impolite ghost who took a while to communicate with in civil words. He finally agreed to cross over not with the intent of reuniting with loved ones who had passed on, but with the intent and hope of reuniting with a beloved black lab of his who had passed on before him. Our Psychics sensed the presence of a human spirit in a shed in the yard which was likely attached to an antique wheelchair that was found in this shed and had been their for at least 7 years and prior to the current clients’ residency there. This human spirit, our psychics later crossed over in the garage.

During a walk-through of the clients’ basement, one of our Psychic Mediums sustained a scratch across her chest. Later, while we were upstairs conducting our EVP session with the ghost, Ralph, we were called back downstairs by the clients, one of which was clearly displaying physical pain. He reported that while we were upstairs, he had been physically attacked. While we examined him, one of our investigators began taking photographs of him. These photographs yielded a double image of the client, though the second image did not exactly resemble him. The client was shaking and moaning in pain and nearly took a swing at one of our investigators. His attempt was blocked by our team’s founder. Our leading Psychic Medium immediately began energy work on removing this entity that was possessing him. When she had finished her energy work, the client reported physical pain.


Shortly after we concluded our investigation and headed back to Spokane, the clients contacted us and informed us that immediately after we left, their bathroom door slammed shut on it’s own, and then they began hearing terrible banging noises on the door to the effect that it sounded like someone inside was trying to kick the door down, accompanied by disembodied laughter. We immediately scheduled with them to return the following day for a house cleansing. As planned, we returned the following day and conducted a house blessing and sealing and our trained Exorcist performed a minor exorcism as well as energy work on one of the clients. The clients and the house were calm and peaceful when we left that day.


We were recently contacted by these clients to say that they have not had any further negative paranormal activity and that the “gloom” that they had previously felt in their home was gone. They were graciously thankful and reported that their cats had been acting normally since the cleansing as well.