CASE 03-13-15-03, South Hill, Spokane, Washington

The client contacted us requesting an investigation for her home in which her and her teenage son, as well as the neighbors in this duplex had all experienced some unexplained activity. The landlord of the duplex in this case also helped by providing us with their personal paranormal experiences and reports of the paranormal experiences of previous tenants as well. According to the landlord, the previous tenant had been pulled out of bed onto the floor at night on the second floor by an invisible entity and had also seen the ghost of a young boy around the age of five running from the kitchen of one home, through the hallway and wall and directly into the kitchen of the connecting home in the duplex. The landlord himself as well had seen the ghost of this little boy and his children had seen and interacted with him as well. The manager’s children reported the ghost had said he was named, “Timmy”. The landlord also relayed to us that in the basement of our clients’ apartment (where the teenage son currently sleeps), they had found a pentacle (occultist star symbol) and writings of a foreign language on the walls and floor. The landlord had these writings and symbols painted over before our current client had moved in. Other paranormal activity reports from our clients (the current tenants) included the mother hearing her teenage son call to her only to respond and have her son say that he had never called to her. This same even also occurred in reverse. The clients experienced their cat reacting to the presence of something they could not see, the clients’ closet door opening on its own at night, hearing footsteps up and down the stairs, nightmares and feelings of being watched.


For the investigation, we placed three DVR cameras in the home: one in the master bedroom where the reported closet activity had occurred, one at the base of the stairs where the apparition of the little boy had been seen, and one in the basement where the occult graffiti had been painted over. We also had four digital voice recorders placed throughout the house: one in the master bedroom, one in an upstairs guest bedroom, one in the basement, and one carried for EVP sessions. We conducted an EVP session in both of the upstairs bedrooms and in the basement. We took EMF readings throughout the home. We also conducted a spirit box session both in the upstairs guest bedroom and in the basement. We had one Psychic and two of our Psychic Mediums do a walk through of the entire home.


Our investigation yielded some interesting unexplained noises on our digital voice recorders in rooms when none of the clients or investigators were present. These sounds could be described as scuffling, shuffling and knocks. Our spirit box session yielded some interesting responses with a consistent unintelligible child’s voice, a perfectly clear female whisper saying “I’M HERE” and “HELP ME” and a threatening and unintelligible deep masculine voice all recorded in the upstairs bedroom as well as mischievous, taunting laughter in the basement. While in the basement, our DVR camera in the basement turned off twice by itself, one of these times after we turned it back on and all while maintaining a full battery. Our psychics all unanimously sensed a very hostile and angry male human spirit in the upstairs where the client was being frightened at night. They also detected another human spirit in the basement, and possible small non-sentient energy creatures in the basement as well. S.H.P.I.T conducted a house cleansing and crossed over the human spirit in the basement. The psychics also made contact with a human female spirit in the third upstairs bedroom, where they eventually crossed her over. We were unable to make contact with the spirit of the little boy during the house cleansing. The hostile human spirit in the upstairs was threatening and not willing to cross over, thus he was forced out of the house through a banishing and the home was then sealed.


The client has reported that the upstairs of the home has been peaceful and without any further paranormal activity, however, the clients’ son has had a few more paranormal experiences in the basement. S.H.P.I.T is in the process of scheduling another cleansing in just the basement of this home and also seeing if we can make contact with the spirit of the little boy to see if he wishes to cross over as well.