CASE 03-13-15-02, Spokane, Washington

S.H.P.I.T was contacted by another local paranormal group to take on a case which they felt they themselves were not equipped for. The event that prompted their making contact with us occurred during their preliminary meeting with the clients. During this meeting, the clients’ five-year-old son began screaming “Ow!” and crying, complaining of pain on his arm. The clients removed his shirt to find scratches in sets of three developing on the boy’s skin as they watched. The paranormal team, in agreement with the clients, decided to immediately vacate the house and stay at a hotel. This is when Spokane Haunts was called in. Other reported activity included noises coming from the child’s bedroom and an entity whose presence scared the child at night.


Details pending. S.H.P.I.T conducted a house cleansing and sealing, after which clients returned to the home.


The clients have returned to the home and the five-year-old child has resumed sleeping in his bedroom. No post-cleansing paranormal activity reported to date.