CASE 03-13-15-01, Perry District, South Hill, Spokane, Washington

The homeowners contacted us needing urgent help and relaying to us that their 2-year-old son had been psychically attacked while alone in his bedroom in the middle of the night resulting in his sustaining substantial facial bruising and a laceration to his mouth. The clients provided photo evidence of these injuries. The clients’ home was built in 1901 and they had been living there approximately 3 years with over a year of paranormal activity. Other reported activity included the homeowners hearing multiple muffled voices as in a conversation coming from their cellar/basement, hearing faint music, growling and “Hey!” yelled into their ears, and a sound like chalk writing on a chalk board in the middle of the night. More claims included seeing white floating balls of light and dark shadow-figures in the home and yard in broad daylight, night-terrors and nightmares of both the parents and the child, having their child point to certain areas of the house and windows a couple times a week and then begin screaming, crying and shaking in terror, finding a dead, black cat in their front yard, the smell of rotting meat like roadkill immediately after a house blessing conducted by family members, both of their new dogs becoming ill, objects going missing and being found in strange places (one of the missing items was a steak knife which the client found after the home cleansing. It was found under the food drawer in the back of their freezer), their television and the lights inside and outside the home shutting on and off seemingly on their own, the homeowners’ mother seeing an apparition of her son approaching the front door only to open the door and find nothing-all while her son (the homeowner) was away from the house at the store. On one occasion one of the homeowners’ fathers was asked to spend the night because the homeowners were so frightened. He slept in the child’s room (since the physical attack the child had been sleeping in the parents’ bedroom) and heard the sound of a man’s (bipedal) footsteps in gravel right outside the child’s bedroom window periodically throughout the night (the homeowners called the neighbors the next day and confirmed none of them had been walking between the properties that night) and in the morning when the home owners’ father took a shower he reported to the homeowners that while he had been taking a shower in the bathroom with the door shut, he heard his grandson’s (the two year old’s) footsteps running around the living room and calling “Papa!” to him repeatedly, only to find nothing when he got out of the shower. At that time and most of the morning, the toddler was sound asleep in the parents’ bedroom with them, and neither of the parents had heard any noise of footsteps or voices at all. They had candles fly off of shelves and the child’s toys lighting up even though they required physical manipulation of a significant degree to do so.


Due to the violent and dangerous nature of this haunting and the activity being so frequent even during daylight hours, this has been the only case to date we have been involved in where the clients actually VACATED their home shortly after contacting us. During our preliminary investigation our psychics conducted a walk through of the home and property and immediately picked up on three entities: a protective old woman, an evil deceased old man who was a previous homeowner and a demonic inhuman entity. One of our psychics was hugged by what showed itself as a child though she sensed it was the demonic entity in disguise. Our other psychic was punched in the throat by an entity while doing a walk of the property line. For this reason, and the safety of our team, S.H.P.I.T, in agreement with the clients decided to forego the technical investigation and immediately move forward with a home cleansing, sealing and banishing.


After the home cleansing, sealing and banishing the clients immediately moved back into their home.


The clients have reported no further activity since S.H.P.I.T cleansed their home.