About Us

We are a Nonprofit Organization. As a leading provider of Paranormal Investigation, we take pride in offering the best solutions to your unusual problems. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. If we do not know the answer we will research it for you.

We do this as a hobby. Due to the limited time we have available to do our investigations we have to prioritize our cases. We do investigations in the Spokane, WA area. We do not charge our clients for our help.

We will work hard to determine if the activity you are experiencing is paranormal in nature. We also provide all services necessary to remove any negative paranormal activity from your home and family whether the cause is from an entity, energy or residual haunting. Unlike many paranormal teams around today, it is part of our team service to not only identify your problem, but to help solve it as well!

Our multifaceted Team includes Psychic Mediums, a Sensitive and a trained Exorcist. S.H.P.I.T. also has affiliations with the Catholic Church as well as Native American Shamans who are qualified in their respective spiritual backgrounds to perform house cleansings and exorcisms. We can also provide guidance and counseling to families who have been negatively affected by paranormal activity or may have some psychic gifts themselves.

Our Co-Founder Micky started with California Haunts Team. She has moved back to the Spokane area and wanted to continue with her love of paranormal investigating. Micky a Sensitive, & Janet a Techie, joined forces to start this Team.

We are associated with California Haunts Paranormal Investigation Team. Their knowledge will be available to us for the asking. We Want to thank them for this help.

We are looking for Team Members. You don’t have to be a Sensitive to join. We need help in all areas of our Investigations. All you need is a desire to help others.

If you are unable join as a Team Member, we do need Sponsors to donate money to help with the cost of running this Team. Every little bit will help us, help others for free.

We also want to have a Spokane Haunts Junior Team, they must have a parent or guardians written permission. To join any of our Teams fill out the form under the Contact Us button.